Thomas Daniël Dilling
4 months till 1 year

Last Edited on January 17th 2006


We have changed the site a bit, due to the hundreds or actually thousands of images! This page will now be from 4 months till 1 year!

You can also visit the site for 1 year forward, starting with his birthday!

Or, you can see the BIRTH till 4 MONTHS page (for older pictures and materials) by clicking here...

Thomas at 4.5 Months

Thomas' first solid food!

Thomas month 5!

Grandpa Dilling Visits!
Dec. 2002 - Jan. 2003

Skating, Thomas & more!
Jan. 2003

Snow, parties and fun
1 Feb. 2003 (6.5 Months+)

Bowling, highchair and more!
Feb. 2003 7 Months!

Cap, wiggling, bath, smiles!
March 2003 8 Months!

Horse, Spring and fun!
March 2003 8.5 Months!

First belly crawl! Outside
fun, walking toy and more! Apr.'03

Easter April 2003!

Thomas at 10 and 11 Months!


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