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Last Edited on June 3rd. 2016


Thomas back in action!

After 7 months of not playing soccer due Osgood-Schlatter is he back in action again!



Thomas Wins MariaSchool Reading Competition!

17 Feb 2015 - Thomas wins school reading contest at his shcool and goes to final for the entire town.

Reading Contest

Dutch KNVB Youth Try-Out

03 Feb 2014 - Thomas was asked to play in a couple try-out matches from the royal Dutch soccer association (KNVB) interregional team for under 12 years of age. He missed the first game with a hamstring complaint, but was fit and ready to play last night! There were some great players on the natural grass pitch. Luckily Thomas could play the whole match, for the first half he was playing very safe, which is fine, but was not quite his normal self. In the second half he was a bit more aggresive and had some nice plays. All-in-all well done!
Pictures - video - KNVB Selectiewedstrijd onder 12 interregionaal Noord (divisie)


Thomas' Youth Soccer Pictures from the "F-Jeugd" U8, U7, F-Cees (Minis)

Click here to see the Youth Soccer Pictures of Thomas in action by Oliveo voetbal through the years!

Thomas en Marijn Kinderfeest met Bungee Soccer en Karten

Karten en Bungee Soccer Zoetermeer 2012 - kinderfeest voor Thomas (10 jaar!) samen met Marijn en het was heel leuk! Kijk de foto's van de karten en bungee soccer hier en ook de filmpje, Karten en Bungee Soccer Zoetermeer 2012 op YouTube of hieronder:


Thomas' First Football Scrimmage!
5-1 they won...
Thomas scored 4 of the goals! Click here for images!

Thomas celebrating after scoring goal
Thomas celebrating after his fourth goal!!

Thomas Loses first tooth, ehh, teeth (2 gone now):

We are very thankful to God for providing us with a healthy and happy child and we hope that you will all enjoy these pictures we enjoy so much in making!

This is the most current page in Thomas' web site, describing thomas from 1 up to 3 years +.
There are two extra pages; one from birth till 4 months and one from 4 months up till 1 year old.


Thomas is very excited about his new brother Lukas, as you will see from many of the pictures below! See down below the texts...

Thomas turns 1 year old!!!

Summer Holiday- France 2003

Thomas at 13 Months

Thomas Goes to the Zoo- 15 Months Old

A Day at the Beach- Month 16!

Month 21/22, Bodi, Dad in USA

Month 22/23, NL and DE!

Month 24, Friends and Hair-Cut

2 Years, 7 months- A Late snow in Holland to play in!

March 2005- First bike, riding under own power!

April 2005 and Queens-day in Pijnacker

1 May, first day at the beach in 2005 and just like summer!

Skate-boarding, tennis and more fun.

Thomas Turns 3, Camping, sun and so more!

Summer 2005- USA, NH, MA& GA

Christmas 2005 and brother Lukas !

Thomas Biking Without Training Wheels! 06-07

Thomas Turns 5!


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