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Last Edited on June 23, 2015

Lukas 9 kinderfeest
Sport en Spel Paleis in De Uithof - Den Haag - YouTube
Foto's hier...


Lukas en Oliveo F10 wint eerste competitie wedstrijd!
Lukas and Oliveo F10 win their first soccer match!
Video van Full Speed F5 - Oliveo F 10 hier en foto's hier.

Oliveo F-10 Lukas Keeper 2012

Lukas bij F-Cees voetbal Oliveo!


Lukas Get's Swimming Diploma A!
Lukas Swimming Diploma
Today, a blisstering hot 32 C, Lukas got the chance to jump in the swimming pool here in Pijnacker and try to get is A-diploma in swimming. He got it! Check out the pictures here and video below:


Lukas Turns 5!
Lukas turned 5 and had celebrations with his school friends and with the rest of us. Two picture galleries below, click on the image to view the pictures.

Lukas b-day with Family ------------------------- Lukas Kid's Party
Lukas birthday 5 - Lukas Kids Party


Lukas heads off to the grammar school - Kindergarten!
Little Lukas, whom we thank God for daily, if not more, is now taking those first steps into the big world- he started going every day to the grammar school today! Also special, since Aunt Linda started labour today. Here is the video from this big day from Lukas and some picture. Thomas was also very proud of his little brother!

Lukas in the morning circle, as they call it. Nice friends Luke!
Click HERE for all pictures...

Video of Lukas' First Day at the Big School Here:



Lukas yelping, "hoera" after we sing "happy birthday" (four) to him.
See all pictures from Sinterklaas 2009 and his BDay HERE !


Lukas; a few days old.

See the first photos of Lukas below!

LukeLiveWebCam Galleries!
The Birth Story of Lukas

day 1

day 2-4

day 5-6

day 7-11

day 12-15, 1st XMas!

day 16-20 and Happy New Year 2006!

to view pictures click the images



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