Linda and Jeff's Wedding !
And many other pictures from our extended holiday!
last edited at january 17th. 2005

July 2004
We came five days earlier to California for a couple reasons. The most important being to get to spend some extra time with Linda and Jeff before everyone came. This proofed very nice and allowed Thomas to get used to the time change- although I think he handled it better than we did!

Then came in Mom, Al, Dad, Nancy and Chris of course with Lyndesy and Kaelyn as well as friends and family from Jeff. We all met at Linda and Jeff's by the beach and then headed for the desert in a possession of rent a cars and SUV's!

The wedding itself and the day before was just brilliant. It was a perfect location, wine country in the hills of the desert. Coupled with great organization, loads of family and I guess the happy hour at the hotel did not harm anyone either! The outdoor wedding at a winery was just perfect and very nice. A fitting, lovely way for my little sister to tie the knot!

After that we headed with many family members to see the sights of Southern California. Perhaps seeing one too many theme parks along the way, but once again we all enjoyed it. We find it very nice to see everyone together, which of course is rare when all live literally all over God's Grand Creation. Naturally it was also very nice to meet Jeffs family.

Lastly Bianca, Thomas sand I headed to Oma Carol's and Opa Al's to stay in New Hampshire and enjoy them at their houses. Oma Carol even threw a birthday party for the excited Thomas! Enjoy the pictures and hope to hear from you all soon! Love, David, Bianca and Thomas. Oma Anky and Opa Ger also flew over from Holland to see us all, which made it yet another party!

In closing- We wish Linda and Jeff all the best and pray that they will live long and happily, with God's blessing.

Pre-Wedding in California!

Linda and Jeff's Wedding !

Oma Carol and Opa Al's in NH ...

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