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Last Edited on January 17th 2006

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As you see whole look and feel of this site has been updated and a short explanation might come in handy for navigating through this site:

The Home button in the topnavigationbar takes you to the first page at any given position in the site and through the buttons next to that you can learn more about myself, like you ever wanted to. But you can also access selected pages of interest directly by selecting one of the options in the rightsided navigation bar on the homepage. Furthermore, the personalized logos next to the picture above will take you directly to the personal page of the selected family member. (Some still in progress.)

Within the different pages, you might also find various links, that correspond to the subject, or lead you to some more interesting stuff.
links will be displayed with an underline.
In case you might find any broken links, please notify myself by email

Thomas and his new brother Lukas


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