3 and 4 March- Thomas in the Snow and Lukas' 1st Smile!
We saw a nice snow storm come in that left us with a blanket of the white stuff. I was at work, but the kids could play and you'll see the pictures below. Lukas' has been smiling as of late! Here are some good shots of him smiling at me! He really likes when you play with him and he loves attention. He has been sleeping better in the evenings and Anky and Ger have been (still) helping a lot, with Anky spending about one night a week here to help us get some normal rest! Last night Bianca went to the casino and what do you know, Thomas gets a very-high fever and very sick- had to sleep on the couch with Lukas and me (he had some cramps- Lukas that was). And then this morning, I had both of them while Bianca was still sleeping and what do you know- Thomas throw up all over the place. Literally all over the pillows, couch and his clothes! Luckily Bianca cold assist and we got everything under control. Thomas was so sweet sick (he has not been sick much actually) and was such a good boy. You will see a not so nice picture of Thomas sleeping next to his bucket as well, as a memory for when he is 20 or so! Looking forward to seeing Linda and Jeff and it seems like a perfect time, as Luke is really alert and playing for and with the attention!

Love, us

March 2006


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