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David Dilling was born in 1968 just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (U.S.A.) At the age of 7, David's parents and two younger sisters moved north to set-up house north of Boston, Massachusetts in a nice, small town named Andover. (right by the New Hampshire border.) Andover and its surroundings is where David basically “grew up” and learned the strong work ethic he has today. In 1991 David moved to Southern California where the sun called him.

This drastic change in both scenery and mentality did Dilling good and he became much more cultured in his ways. Which in a way lead to where he resides today with his partner of twenty years, Bianca, and their two sons, Thomas and Lukas in Pijnacker, The Netherlands. He is now on his eighteenth year in lovely Holland.

Dilling’s professional career began at the age of 10. This was brought about by the wicked winters the North East and especially New England of America could throw at you. Snow and lot's of it, meant an opportunity in a young new development of houses. Soon thereafter, Dilling realized that the snow only lasted for a short time and that it was very unpredictable, thus he supplemented his income, which was used primarily on Baseball cards and candy, with mowing lawns or grass. This proofed very successful and quickly Dilling had many steady accounts.

Through out High School and College, Dilling was always working and many times two or three jobs at one time. They ranged from Gas Station attendants (they called this a “Petroleum Engineer”) to sales jobs with small free publications. Other jobs as well, such as a night security guard in Boston at an “all girls University!” (No kidding!) A clerk at the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), Bulk wagon driver at UPS’s main sorting station for North of Boston, Taxi Driver, Limo Driver, Valet parker, sales, marketing and more sales.

David's "real" professional career began in Santa Ana, California where Dilling worked as a Sales Executive for a company called ProLite. This young and aggressive company imports, assembles, markets, sells and services LED electronic display signs. Dilling’s main function here was sales, with a particular expertise in “channel” sales through a variety of “Sign manufacturers” and with various U.S. Government accounts. Further, David setup several key marketing campaigns including a fax-back coupon offer for dealers which proofed very successful and revolutionary at the time. After a couple years of “odd” jobs, which included several endeavors for himself, Dilling soon realized that it would be best to taste the Dutch and European way of life for more than just a few month stay. David began his search for a progressive company with a young and ground breaking technology which he could really 100% get behind and either represent them in Europe or even open a European office.

Through the tip of a great friend, Stephanie Lee, David learned of Markzware and one of it’s co-founders and their current CEO, Mr. Patrick Marchese. After meeting they agreed on a feasibility study and business plan for opening and operating a European office. After many hours of work the benefits became very clear to Patrick and the other co-founder and Chief Engineer of Markzware, Mr, Ronald Crandall and thus the real work started! In September, 1997 Markzware Europe began! In late 1998 it officially became incorporated in The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands under the name, “Markzware b.v.” Markzware is a company with a wide acceptance in the industries it serves within the broader graphic arts sector.

David enjoys many hobbies, interests and activities. These include but are not limited to history, Christian symbols, photography (especially sports photography or nature), astrophotography, videography, web page design, graphic design, social media and playing football (soccer) with his son's. Mountain climbing was the latest craze, with several hiking trips to the Alps. Yet with a recent leg break, hiking and playing soccer will have to take a break, pun intended. Please feel free to connect with David Dilling below.

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