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What better way to let you see how we spent our Holidays in the years 2001-2005, then via picture albums and some selected text. Just click on an image below to view the gallery of your choice!

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2004 - Jeff & Linda stop by

December 2004
First came Sinterklaas Day, which was a lot of fun for Thomas, Bodi and Oma and Opa and the rest as well. Then the houses. We were blessed with the fact that the old house sold so quickly, but we now also had to get the new house in order. We especially wanted to get it as much done and moved in as completely as possible for Linda and Jeff were coming to visit. This made for some long hours and a lot of work. But we did it. Thank you Anky and Ger for ALL of the help and work you provided. With you guys we could never have gotten the house in really good order for Christmas eve and Linda and Jeff's arrival!

Christmas was very nice. Thomas loved opening his presents and those from us as well! That night we ate "gourmet" which is a sort of grill in the middle of the table where you can cook yourself. It was not a traditional Christmas dinner but went over very nicely. In Holland they also have second Christmas day, which we enjoyed at Anky and Gers. Of course the awful news of the events in Asia were just coming in and this tainted things a bit.

Then lots of pictures of the various sites we took Linda and Jeff around to.

Lastly, New Years eve- wow, what an amount of fireworks private individuals set off! Then New Years day and the Scheveningen Nieuwjaarsduik or New Years Dip! That is right, at twelve-noon on new years day Linda, Jeff and I were swimming in the North Sea- well, okay, jumping and sprinting out!

In closing we had a great time with Linda and Jeff. They are both lucky to have each other. We missed not having Mom, Al, Dad, Nancy, Chris, Kaelyn and Lyndsey with us as well as the rest of the family. But maybe one day this summer we can all be together again, heck maybe even in Holland! (first a ski holiday in the French Alps.) God Bless and we thank God for all he grants us with each and every day.

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December 2004 and Merry
Christmas! ! ! ...

Linda & Jeff Christmas Visit

Tot Ziens (Till the next time)
Linda and Jeff!


2003 - Christmas in the USA
Thomas, Mamma and Papa make a holiday trip to America to see the family!

Thomas set out on his second airplane trip, all the way to Boston. He did just great in the airplane and we arrived to a waiting Grandpa John, who took us back up to New Hampshire, where Grandma Carol and Grandpa Al were waiting. First we stopped off to say hello to Nancy, Chris, Lyndsey and Kaelyn, but Thomas would never remember that, for he was fast asleep in the car!
We had a great 12 days, with lots of fun and of course way too many gifts. However best of all was that we all got to spend some time together and have fun which we sure did have.
Everyone was so friendly and helpful- thank you!
It was especially nice for my Grandmother, Thomas' Great Grandmother, to meet him. We actually had 4-generations on the couch!

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