The FISH Symbol of Jesus Christ Today?

The First Sign of Christians or Followers of Jesus Christ

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The "FISH" Symbol Today?
Possible usage of the first symbol used
by the earlier Followers of Christ..

You will see this 'circle symbol', fish symbol, 8-spoked wheel or 'wagon wheel' in numerous places. Most sources do not share the true histpry of the Christian fish symbol, which is ironic for it could be used in many modern forms. Many times it is of course just the wheel on the wagon or a compass, however there are also many a time where you see it in places, such as churches or as part of historical buildings, paintings, logos for societies/companies that it gets you to start and think. Below is a small collection that I wanted to share. We actually already have quite a few more examples but thatis a matter of time to get online. Just please keep in mind that these are only symbols and commentary that is of this world or system of things. If you want the Truths- read God's word in The Bible..

Other Interesting Usage?

The Wheel of Dharma

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The FISH Symbol of Jesus Christ Today
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