The Jesus Fish Symbol in Rome - NEW Circle Found!

The First Sign of Christians or Followers of Jesus Christ

Two ICHTHYS Fish wheels in Rome
October 2015 Update

The original Jesus FISH symbol has been re-found in The Forum in Rome. Plus a SECOND acrostic circle symbol symbol has been found up the Palatine Hill on the ancient Roman roadway to the Vigna Barberini. This is signifigant for what occured up around this location back in the early AD days after Jesus' death on the cross! Read more on that here - coming soon...
Circle Symbol of Jesus on Vigna Barberini
Second Jesus wheel on the volcanic stone roadway to Vigna Barberini - photo September 2015

First the new find of the second circle symbol (pictured above), up on Vigna Barberini. Watch this video from late September 2015 on location:

Additional Images of The First Jesus FISH Symbol Found in Rome

Back in 2002 (see photo below) we first spotted the ICHTHYS circle symbol. Here is a September 2015 video report on where you can find this secret symbol in The Forum in Rome:
FISH Symbol Origins in Rome - The ICHTHYS Circle

Here is a couple recent photo's from 2015 of the ancient ICHTHYS graffiti...

"Jesus Christ, the Son of God our Savior"

The ICHTHYS Circle in Rome

The Jesus Fish symbol in Rome, Italy! See this yourself in Rome, right by the old ticket
counter for Palatine Hill, right above the Forum (this is now right below the booth where you get your audio tour equipment - edit October 2015 - photo below from 2002).


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The Fish Symbol in Rome!