Thomas Turns 4 and Summer 2006 !
Garden, Birthday Party, Soccer, Camping, Beach and More!
created on 3 August 2006

July 2006
The month of July came and went and even though we have not planned any real long (typical) European exodus this year, have had some nice time and adventures. Most exciting was Thomas turning four. He is so wise and adventurous himself. It is still just amazing to see him becoming a little boy and I can only thank God again. As of late, Thomas is really getting free and open with other kids. For instance at the camping, which you can see picture of below, he made several little friends, often wanting to venture far away from us (That was getting a little too free!).

Lukas is doing great and just LOVES his big brother. Literally, when Thomas comes close to Lukas, Luke just screams out in joy and try's to grab and "eat" Thomas (as Thomas sees it). Thomas does great with his little brother. Lukas is getting 4- teeth at once on the top! He can now sit up (also spit up, but we knew that!) and can craw a bit as well. He is eating more and more things- also, just amazing!

Enjoy the pictures and hope you are all excellent!

Beach, Marc & Bodi early present, Thomas turns four!

Party, soccer, goals and more!

Campground by the beach, July 2006 !

Zeeland, Camping, Beach- new cell pics!

Here is to many more visits!

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