Swan with Swanlings
actually baby swans are called cygnets

South Holland --- April - May 2014

We were blessed with two swan nests right near our house in Pijnacker, The Netherlands. These are Mute Swans or knobbelzwaan in Dutch. Both nests produced hatchlings or swanlings as I like to call them. Baby swans are actually called cygnets. The first nest had eight cygnets. Here the father went missing about a week before they all hatched. Very sad, for swans mate for life. The second nest had 5 swanlings and dad was around the entire time. You can watch them all in action in several nature films on their nests, hatching and first swims (Picture galleries of the swans and cygnets below)

Swan Videos:


 Mute Swan with Swanlings
1st Nest - Mute Swan with Nest and swanlings - father absent

Knobbelzwaan nest met jongen zwanen 
2nd nest - Knobbelzwaan nest met jongen zwanen

Baby Cygnets Play Piggyback with their Mother Swan

Swans with baby swanlings (cygnets) in The Netherlands.

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