Mom and Al come to Holland 2009!
Delft, Pijnacker, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, Alps, Ramsau
last edited at August 1, 2009

Hiking in the Bavarian Alps to glaciers, swimming in the pool and driving the German Autobahn; all things I was very proud of you for mom! As for Al, the raw herring experience was quite impressive and many other European foods. It was a great visit and we all had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures and till the next time! Love - us.

Mom and Al arrive in Holland; food, relaxing, Delft and the garden...
The Bus- LegoLand, Germany - Berchtesgaden region, Ramsau; Bavarian Alps - Germany - Mountains

Berchtesgaden, Ramsau; Bavarian Alps; Mountains, hiking, glaciers and Konigsee with St Bartholomew's Church...

Bavarian Alps; Eagles Nest and Nature | Pijnacker and the Dutch way of life in Holland!...


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