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First symbol exhibiting Jesus' crucifixion and how it ties in with the Christian Fish symbol.

The Staurogram
Did you know that the Staurogram is the first know sign or visual reference exhibiting Jesus' crucifixion?

picture: Foundation Martin Bodmer

"The staurogram, a combination of the Greek letters tau and rho, looks like a human figure hanging on a cross and stands in for parts of the Greek words for "cross" (stauros) and "crucify" (stauro?) in Bodmer papyrus P66, a copy of the Gospel of John (200 C.E.). The staurogram is the earliest visual reference to Jesus' crucifixion."
Source - The Staurogram | The BAS Library


The Staurogram (meaning monogram of the cross, from the Greek: ΣTAΥPOΣ meaning cross), or Monogrammatic Cross or Tau-Rho symbol, is composed by a tau (Τ) superimposed on a rho (Ρ). The Staurogram was first used to abbreviate the Greek word for cross in very early
New Testamentmanuscripts such as P66, P45 and P75, almost like a nomina sacra.[14]

SOURCE: Christian symbolism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

This noted, in a recent Biblical Archaeology article, I read this:

"The staurogram is only one of several christograms, that is, monogram-like devices used by ancient Christians to refer to Jesus. The most widely know christogram is the chi-rho combination ( ), using the first two Greek letters of "Christ." 
SOURCE: Biblical Archaeology (March April 2013 printed edition) "The Staurogram: Earliest Depiction of Jesus' Crucifixion" by Larry W. Hurtado

Chi Rho

Chi Rho Symbol of Jesus
source - Chi Rho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This chi-rho (X-P) got me thinking how this ties in with the circle symbol of Jesus Christ, or the earliest form of the Christian fish symbol?

Chi Rho |
Source - Chi Rho |

The Chi Rho Christian symbol is used by Eastern Orthodox in their worship. This derivative of the Staurogram is also used by the Catholic church based in the Vatican in Rome. Naturally, for when the the church first started, soon after Jesus' crucifixion, Eastern Orthodox and Catholics were one and the same, called Chalcedonian Christianity which split from each other in 1053 (East–West Schism)

Before we split too far from the focus of this page, back to the Staurogram. Was the Staurogram or actually the Chi Rho perhaps also rooted from an even earlier symbol, thaty of the FISH, the Ichthys spelled out in the 8-spoked wheel symbol, very similar to the Chi-Rho? Read -
Christian Fish Symbol Origins - Early AD Jesus Christ Followers used this symbol

"Jesus Christ, the Son of God our Savior"
The earliest know Christian FISH Symbol -
Source - Christian Fish Symbol Origins - Early AD Jesus Christ Followers used this symbol:

Perhaps the Staurogram pre-dates the now different Christian Fish symbol, which was a hidden acronym within a symbol, meaning -
"Jesus Christ, the Son of God our Savior"

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The Staurogram Symbol

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The Staurogram