Mom and Al in Holland!
Oma and Opa meet Lukas, play with Thmoas and much more!
created on 1 May 2006

Mom and Al on our "grass field" with the farm in the backround.
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Mom and Al came to The Netherlands again, landing mid-day on "Queens Day," which is one of the biggest party and festive days of the year here. Once again, just like with Linda and Jeff, we already have done a lot. The fun is just starting though and much more later!

On the 2nd of May, Anky and Ger watched the kids during the day and we cruised up to Lisse, where the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens are. I have been there a few times over the last 14 years, but I must say, it always amazes me. It is just simply so beautiful, manicured and magnificent. Many pictures to enjoy from the gardens and quite frankly, next time I will make twice as many!

After the gardens, we went home, gathered our things and headed to the North of Holland (Den Helder) to catch a ferry boat to Texel, an island just off the coast. It was great weather and Thomas LOVED the boat ride over. We all had so much fun looking at the sites and the many tulip fields. On the island itself, it was relaxed and we enjoyed the beach, the sand dunes and good food- not to mention the hotel was awesome. I loved the last day, driving on these small roads via the dunes, then into the forest and back again- all along, popping out into flat fields of tulips and other crops.

We came back on Thursday and that night Anky and Ger made a four course meal for us, which was very tasty- lekker as they say (Lek-ker, Mom, say's Thomas!). Crab cocktail, onion soup and biefstuk or the finest steak! The next day we stayed local, doing some shopping and lunch in Delft and sitting in our garden a lot, literally watching the flowers bloom! Once again, the weather was perfect and very nice. Of course Opa Al had to time how fast Thomas could ride his bike in the garden (the garden circuit)- 10 seconds being the best lap! Each night we would sit outside, have a couple drinks and talk and talk- oh yes and watch the satellites, or were those airplanes, go by!

The last full day we spent at Linda and Jeff's favorite stop-off for food, Hotel New York in Rotterdam. It was once again very nice and Anky and Ger joined us. Later, Al and I took a speed boat tour of the harbor and river- now that was cool! Then, before you know it, your sitting outside in the warm evening air with a cool breeze picking-up, talking about how fast, yet tremendously fun it all was.

We miss you already Mom and Al! Love you.
Now to get Nancy, Chris and Dad out here!
Queens Day, Delft and the kids!

Keukenhof, Tulip Garden and more!

Texel (Island), The Netherlands.

Delft, Pijnacker, play and relax!
Rotterdam, HNY and more!

Tot Ziens Mom (Oma) and Al (Opa) and Ger working, Thomas playing!!

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