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Last Edited on January 17th 2006

while watching Lukas live, family and friends would chat about what he just did!
Bianca also left little notes for everyone!

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At the hospital they had a few places where web cams were available above the babies beds. We asked about them and finally they set us up! (Than you Rainier de Graaf Hospital!) It was really cool, as many of you saw, as you could basically see Luke LIVE! We all were very thankful for this fine, added touch. I can not speak for all of you, however it seemed very nice also for those in America, who of course could not get over right away for the birth. For those of you who missed it, below are some screen grabs we got!

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The Birth Story of Lukas

LukeLiveCam 23 December

LukeLiveCam 24 December

LukeLiveCam 24 December

LukeLiveCam 27 December

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