Linda and Jeff in Europe!
Lukas, Thomas, bike riding, France, Limburg, Gouda and of course Delft
created on 26 March 2006

18 - 26 March 2006
Linda and Jeff came together for the second time to The Netherlands. (Linda's third time actually, for she came once alone, for work, a few years ago.) This time we at least got to show them a bit more than just Holland, even though there really is so much to see and do in The Netherlands alone. Naturally the main reason for coming is Linda's love for babies and especially those that call her aunt- Lukas! Of course Jeff and Linda came for Thomas and the rest of us too, but it was naturally quite nice for them to see Lukas for the first time.

I must say too, Lukas really seemed to fall for Linda. She would spend hours with him, making him laugh for long periods on end. She even had him sort of talking... well, okay sporadic gohs and gahs and other wild baby sounds. Jeff on the other hand was also good with Lukas, but Thomas went to Jeff quite a bit and by the end was very comfortable with both of them. The Wiffle ball and bat did not hurt!

Enjoy the photos. Some of the photos (those that begin with DCSF) are from Jeff. Yes, this time I had help with the photography! It was a great time!

Bike ride, Lukas, wiffle ball and more!

Chartres, France, kids and more!

Bed time reading, Limburg and castles!

Kids, Delft, Gouda and more!

Here is to many more visits!

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