Ger and Anky- 40 Years Married !
Plus summer 2006 kid pictures and more!
created on 19 August 2006

August 2006
As hot as July was, August has been way cooler and very wet. At least the water comes in downpours and thus some nice days here and there. One of these very nice days, both weather and otherwise, was this last Friday, 18 August.

On that very day, in the very city we were in for most of the day (Delft), Any and Ger were married. Anky told us that on the day of their wedding it was the hottest day on record at that time. I guess that was a sign for a good marriage to come! Forty years of anything is quite an accomplishment and in this case being a union or marriage (or partnership), which is sacred.

Below two of the three galleries. The third one will come next week and will be of the photo-shoot we had done on Friday after the surprise breakfast in bed for Anky and Ger! The photo gallery from my phone also has some random shots. (I like the one when I am in England which is of a road sign that says "Secret Nuclear Bunker." Now, what is that all about, can not be all that secret now can it!)

August 2006 kids, Surprise, Anky and Ger celebrate 40 years of marriage!


Professional Family Photos !

August 2006 Nokia Camera Photos !


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