Summer Holiday 2007- French Style !

Loire Valley castles, Vendée beaches and salt marshes
and Omaha Beach (St. Laurent sur-mer) site of D-Day (June 1944)

last edited on September 3rd. 2007

We had a lovely 10 days or so away in France. Starting with two days in Chateau Noizay (near Amboise) in the Loire Valley (The garden of France) and an area extremely rich in history, culture and relaxation! There we saw many castles, biked a bit and even saw the resting place of Leonardo da Vinci at a castle in Amboise. Next, we cruised down to Camping La Loubine in Olonne-sur-mer within the Vendée department or state of France. This was very nice, as there we had our own little chateau (little is the key-word here)! Also at the camping were Hans, Carmen and their children (both the same age as Thomas and Lukas.), whom are our neighbors back in Holland. It was so wonderfully to be able to see the kids every day for extended periods, go to the beach basically daily (if not more) and enjoy the lovely French lifestyle a bit. Lastly, as we did 4 years ago, we ended off at "D-Day Hotel" in Saint Laurent-Sure-Mer pretty much right on the infamous beach, Omaha Beach, where some of the toughest battles took place on D-Day, which was the start of the end of WWII- really quite a sobering way to end a holiday.
Enjoy the many pictures in the galleries below!

Beach, salt marshes and storm waves!

Beach life France, Omaha Beach- D-Day


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