Grandpa (Opa) John visits us in Holland!
Christmas 2002 and New Years 2003!
last edited at january 17th. 2005

December 2002 - January 2003
Dad came in on 17 December and from the first moment he saw Thomas were there only smiles and laughs! As we knew, they got along just great. The first week Dad came along with me to work quite a bit and then the next week we started to tour around more leading up to Christmas... Then we have had several days of a great time, including Amsterdam, Hoek van Holland and much more still to come... ... ...
And more came! We have been having a very good time and have been doing a lot.

Dad is gone now and we feel something missing in the house. It was a great time we all had and Thomas really enjoyed his Grandpa from California! The last photos show the beach in the winter, a night out at 'the Greek' in our little village and of course a barrage of Thomas/Grandpa pictures before he split for this time. We look forward to having you again soon Dad- we love you! See the new picture gallery below!

Dad Arrives in Holland!


Christmas 2002

Post Christmas

Dads last days on this trip...


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