Grandma Dilling's Memorial Service
a family event - May 24, 2009!
last edited on June 1, 2009

The Dilling Clan (minus Bianca, Lukas and Thomas)

It was a very nicely planned weekend and as Aunt Ann told us, this is how grandma would have liked it and asked us to do for her. Seeing most everyone together again was very nice and the family history of the Dilling's, Hollers and other off-shots was great to dig into. What a lovely area we stem from!

The last morning, dad and I got up early and found some other neat areas, where Casper is buried (Did not get there- private property; but saw where it is and talked to another farmer who confirmed the old cementary up on the side of the mountain and an old, abaodonded villiage!) and found other Dilling's, including Samuel's grave stone, our great great, great grandfather and more direct relatives! As you will see, they are resting in a lovely area, barely touched by time. Picture gallery is below and several short films to come soon. The complete, private DVD will be sent seperately and perhaps need to get with Ryan on how we can combine material...
Great seeing you all and enjoy the memories!


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Video coming soon!


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