The process that led to the birth of
Lukas Johannes Dilling
13 December 2005
From his fathers perspective

It all started one romantic evening.... No, I am not going back that far in the process! Lets see what was happening the days before your wonderful brith, as looking back it was all quite special, just as it is having you here with us, a gift from God.

Lukas; a few days old.

It was the day before the full moon. We knew that you would come early Luke, for mamma was earlier with Thomas and although the pregnancy with you (just as with Thomas) was fine and healthy, still it was obvious to us that the big day may come earlier than 12 January 2006, as the due date was. Full moons effect the waters, animals and yes us, thus perhaps this natural force of God’s may have been the wave you road to jump out early into this great big world! (although the doctors do not agree.)

Welcome Luke! Yes, a little early (Just like your lovely brother Thomas who was 3.5 weeks earlier and me, your father at 6 weeks early!), Tuesday 13 December 2005 at 14:25, however everything in order and the doctors and nurses very helpful and caring. Yet before we get into that moment, lets look back at the hours leading up to mamma starting the birth process that led to your delivery.

Oma Anky and Opa Ger came back early from their stay in Spain and have been helping with getting your room and our house in order for your expected arrival. Mamma, Thomas and I have done a lot, however without their help we could have never completed everything on “time!” (especially with you coming early!) They have been home not even two weeks come Monday 12 December and although Oma and mamma still had a bit to do with your clothes, Opa and I were pretty much done with your room, all ready, painted and decorated (a lot of Winnie the Pooh)!

We all were very busy the weeks and days before your arrival, getting your room ready!

Monday morning I felt a bit down, but as the day progressed, the mood got better and better, as did business- by the evening I was buzzing and could not really say why. That night mamma went to the Le-mans or birth gym to practice for giving birth to you. On the way out the door, she reminded me that next week was “partner night” and that I would have to go along and do these exercise and sit with all the other pregnant woman (yes, I know, sounds like fun!)- we both laughed, as three and a half years ago I was days away from attending the “partners night” when Thomas came into the world 3.5 weeks early, getting me out of going to the class! So anyway, off she went and your brother Thomas and I had a very nice night, wrestling and finally falling a sleep.

Mamma came home feeling good, but tired. We went to bed and I planned to get up earlier to get a good jump on the day as I had a lot to do at work on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning started with a running start. I was busy with doing email blasts (marketing) when at around a very busy time of 11:40 in the morning mamma called and said calmly, “David, it is so far and I have to head right to the hospital with my mother, please meet me there in Delft at the hospital.” I did not know if I should shout, cry or both- but stayed calm and informed my colleagues that I had to run…

So, off I went, the mailings were sending and I was sent off to get to the hospital right away. I parked and met Mamma and we headed right up to the second floor at the nicely kept Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis (hospital) in Delft. By this time the contractions were coming quicker and quicker and no longer every 20 minutes, but every 10 or so! Boy Luke, you sure did want to get out into God’s wonderful Creation!

We checked in quickly and they led us to a nice delivery room, where they placed us. You can see a picture of mamma on the delivery bed with the time of 12:30. Still not too painful for mamma and she even made a comment how easy this seemed compared to last time!

They did a lot of checks on mamma and you with an echo, to make sure that an early birth would be safe for you- as if they had to, they can try to stop or slow birth. Yet everything seemed fine although it was clear you would be small, you appeared healthy, from what they could see through mamma’s belly. (Once again, the nurses and doctors are all so caring and helpful, it was so very nice that they answered all our questions.)

Mamma was doing great when the clock clicked into the one-o’clock hour. The contractions were coming heavier and more and more- the nurses were keeping things in order and helped all the way. Then around two-o’clock the contractions were coming in what they call a “contractions storm” and you could see it on the monitors, and this was very painful for mommy. She was screaming, but kept her cool and did a great job.

By 14:15 it (your birth) was close. Mamma was pushing and pushing (Good thing you were not any bigger actually!) and then at 14:25 you came head first out into the hands of the doctor (Sonia was her name) and into the world with a small cry (which is a good sign, meaning you were breathing on your own, etc.).
You were here!

These pictures are literally seconds after your birth!

Yes, you were of course small, but not all that small and right away I know you were okay! They immediately laid you on mamma’s chest and I made the first of several photos! (This made me realize that everything must be decent with you, as they did not rush you out or anything, it was all very relaxed.)

In Delft that night, it was to be the so-called, “lichtjesavond” (Evening of Lights). Actually we were supposed to be with a friend of ours, Wi-Jo there, but instead you brought even more light into our lives than any candle, lamp or laser could ever produce for us!

I went with you upstairs on a little crib that I pushed with the doctor that weighed you (1920 grams) and made sure everything was in place, to the 5th floor, where the premature section is. Thomas was also brought here, with me following, although I must say then it was all a bit scarier then, some three and a half years ago. They did some further tests and were so happy with your looks and vital signs that they even gave me a tiny bottle of milk to give you right away and had no rush to get you on any monitors or what not! This was after Paul who helped Thomas the last time too when he was here, picked out a nice stripped blue outfit for you- your first set of clothes! This made me feel very good as Paul was totally at ease and no rush or anything like that.

Then, after staying with you for twenty minutes or so, I went downstairs to get mamma who was almost done getting cleaned up and we came up together to hold you, as you can see in the pictures.

A proud mama and brother! You were doing great Luke!

Once back with mamma I got a call from a colleuge that we sold a big project we have been working on for months in England- not to mention sales this Tuesday, the 13th of December 2005 were excellent (This entire week actually since you were born!), way above normal for this year! Still, I had to cut him short of course and say, “well that is great, but I just had a baby, Lukas Johannes!” Of course they all gave their well wishes and said what a nice name.

Lukas (Luke) Johannes. We thought long and hard over the names and thought these were fitting and would help bring you into this world with the knowledge that your names have meaning and should give you faith (Even though it is fully up to you whom you become and what path you will follow). Johannes is a fine second name, meaning John in the Dutch translations of the Bible. Secondly, it is also the name of your Grandfather (my Dad) in California (John Fred Dilling), America, not to mention that your Uncle Marc has Johannes in his name and other family members from mamma as well.

Also, Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press, all for the goal that Johannes had in printing the Bible, by the way, which many today forget. (Thanks to the printing press, we can communicate much faster and better- and oh yes, daddy is in the printing and publishing business as well, and always enjoyed reading about the history of Johannes Gutenberg, which ties in all nicely!)

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Your first name is of course Lukas (Lucas), from Lucanus or for short, Luke. Luke is one of the Apostles of Jesus, the Son of God and author of “Luke” and “Acts” some of the most powerfully written books in the New Testament of the Bible. Luke is seen as one of the most extensive writers in the New Testament and like Paul, was a gentile or from non-Jewish heritage.

We thank God for everything for without our heavenly Father we could not have earthly mothers and fathers. It must be your own choice, your faith, however I personally hope that through this very birth of yourself, from dust to baby, that you can seek the truth and do God’s Will.

Still, this process of conception to pregnancy to birth amazes me. I read a quote today that said, “Hope for miracles, but do not expect them.” Well getting a baby, as mamma puts it, is “what God gives a mommy and a daddy when they love each other very much.” This is a miracle as far as I am concerned and one of the miracles that happens over and over, every day, all over the world in every culture. You are a miracle Lukas, as is every other child born.

And another lesser miracle is the fact that once again I got out of going to the le-mans or birth classes on “partners evening!” (Thanks Luke, I owe you one!)

Luke, we are very glad that you are doing so well and fighting so diligently. You have a strong will and this is a fantastic trait. Not to mention you are eating well, just like your daddy! Thank you for brining us these moments. Grow strong Luke and we look forward to raising you to adulthood!
God bless you.


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